Ten days in..

The 30 Days of Soup is turning into 30 Days of Mostly Soup.   That is to say, I’ve been sneaking in other foods here and there.  For example, on Tuesday I made some Waffles.  The problem is that I love waffles.  Four waffles and a tablespoon of syrup is 458 calories, whereas one of my soup meals is 420 calories.  Then today, I had 4 tacos.  That is 840 calories, which is quite a lot.

At the very least, I’m holding to my personal goal of ~1500 calories per day.  On my “transistion day” last week, I blew way over with 2473 calories, but the other days have been fairly close.  I gathered up my calorie counts for the last 10 days below.

>>> print (1450 + 825 + 2473 + 1220 + 1190 + 1980 + 1910 + 1630 + 1338 + 1260)/10

On the other hand, I have not been to reddit at all this month, and I’ve only been on Facebook for a bit on Saturday.  I sometimes find myself sitting at the computer staring at the address bar, trying to think of something to type in to amuse myself.  I am checking my email more often, but since I don’t get too many important emails each day, that only distracts me for a short period.  Instead, I have actually been filling my spare computer time with learning Python and working on some web applications for a customer. 

So despite not completely sticking to my 30 Days of Only Soup goal, I have been sticking with the spirit of the goals fairly well.  I’ll do another weigh in this weekend to see how my weight loss is coming along.  Essentially, I’m moving towards a more reasonable diet, which is what I planned to do in February.  Once I approach my desired weight and start looking at maintaining (which I am very good at doing), I shouldn’t have much problem shifting back closer to a 2000 calorie diet.