4HB Workouts and Diet

First off, the top rated review for this book on Amazon sums the book up better than I plan on doing.  Read that and this, and you might not really need the book.  Before writing this out, I was wondering if Tim would come after me for revealing items in his book.  However, after seeing the key elements discussed in the Amazon reviews and all the youtube video demonstrations, I figure revealing the “what” doesn’t matter.  Tim uses his book to explain the why, along with providing a lot of background information and examples.  As I am just in my first week, I don’t know if it works or not.  I will follow it as closely as possible, and if it doesn’t work, I’m not going to ask for my money back.  People who buy books that promise to make you into a superman while eating 4,000 calories and working out less than 4 hours a month deserve to have their money taken.

Basically, I have first-hand experience in loosing weight for 30 days — it’s not the soup thing but the 1500-1700 calories per day thing that will let me loose weight.  So this is just an experiment to see if Tim’s method is actually faster.


The 4HB Diet plan is fairly simple and not too original.  It’s a low-carb diet with a binge day that you can use to satisfy all your cravings.

1. No “white” carbohydrates

2. Eat the same few meals over and over again

3. Don’t drink calories 
(no sodas)
4. Don’t eat fruit (or dairy)
5. Take one day off per week

When I did the 30 days of soup, I added some non-soup days as a sort of concession “on these days, I’ll let myself eat a little bit more and it shouldn’t hurt too much”.  However, the binge day concept is more along the lines of eat whatever you want, as much as you want.  It’s supposed to kick-start your metabolism and help with the more mental aspects of dieting.  Instead of denying myself pizza or waffles, I’m giving myself a food to look forward to on Saturday.


There are 4 exercises that make up the 4 hours in the 4 Hour Body.  Each exerciese only takes a few minutes to complete and if you do just those exercises, you’ll spend probably 15 minutes each session, times twice a week for 4 weeks.  There are two optional exercises for abs and arms that take a bit more time, but 30 minutes is pushing it.  So it’s actually less than 4 hours for the new you, assuming it works.

You do two sessions each week with 3-4 days between each session.  You start with 3 days between them and go to 4 days as you add more weight.  The idea is that each exercise damages your muscle just enough to start the rebuild process and any additional exercise is wasted effort (according to Tim).  However, if you work extra muscle groups like the abs and arms, then those won’t affect the impact of the “required” exercises.

All exercises use a 5-second cadence of 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down.  You are supposed to do 1 set of 7 or more reps.  You go until you fail.  If you put on 100lbs and fail at 5 reps, you stop there.  If you put on 80lbs and end up going to 9 reps, that is where you stop.  At each session, you adjust the weight based on how well you did on your last session, trying to fail on the 7th rep.

Session A:
 Shoulder press

Session B:
 Inclined Bench Press
 Leg Press
  After the leg press, do 3 minutes at 85+rpm on a stationary bike to loosen up the leg muscles.

The optional ab exercises (do with session A) are the Myotatic Cruch* (a swiss ball exercise), and the “cat vomit”. This frenchfrye guy has a series of videos where goes through the workouts, including the free weight options I didn’t describe.

* Myotatic Cruch – the guy in the video forgot to keep his arms aligned with ears.  The point is not to move your arms, but move your torso, including the head.