The 4 Hour Body.

I came up with the 30 Days of Soup myself. I work nights Sun-Wed/Thur
down in Virginia (leave Sunday, come home either Wednesday or Thursday
off the rest of the week). It became conveinent to just eat soup while
down in VA, but at home my eating was all across the board. My exercise is also kind of hit or miss.

I decided to try eating
soup only for a full 30 days to see how it went (without increasing my exercise). Turns out I couldn’t stick with it, but I was loosing
between 1 and 2 pounds each week. Basically staying between 1500-1700
calories for me allows me loose the weight, 1700-2000 seems to be the
“stay the same” range, and somewhere above that is where I would start

So knowing something that works (hitting a certain calorie range), this month I decided to experiment.  If the experiment produces no results, I can fall back on what I know works for me.

For this month, I’ve decided to try stuff from “The 4-Hour Body” and see
how much impact it has. It will either have no impact, a little
impact, or high impact. Essentially, it’s a low-carb diet with 1
“binge day” each week, with two 30-minute workout sessions each week.

this first week, I went from 200.4 to 197.4 lbs and from 155.75 total
inches to 155 total inches (measured across waist, hips, each leg, and
each bicep). The next two weeks will show if that’s a fluke or a steady