Material Things

Updated 2011-11-30, work in progress

Smallville Season 10
Dexter any/all seasons (have none)
Veronica Mars any season (have none)
Any season of Doctor Who (modern or classic, have none)
Simpsons Seasons (I have Season 6)
Seinfeld Seasons (have none)
Emperor’s New Groove

solid black leather belt – mine is getting ratty

rechargeable batteries (small like AA/AA/C/D/9V)

“locking tab” food containers
large pitcher
padded standing mat
coffee pot (small one/single cup) – or maybe just instant coffee for guests
Parmesan Cheese


vehicle fire extinguishers
vehicle toolkit
outdoor motion activated/light sensing floodlights
car seat covers – grey/black (only need two)
led Christmas lights
air tools

garden tools
small chainsaw

DLP (hi-res) projector